So I wanted a bag to carry my notions to and from the sewing group I organize.  After searching high and low for just the right tutorial/pattern, I came upon this tutorial (which can also be found linked here on my site along with a slew of other things....

The bag called for 3 pocket pieces, two interior and one exterior.  I chose to add a second exterior pocket length and am glad I did.  I was tempted to add pockets on the outside side sections as well but have to admit that I am glad I did not.  It would have been ridiculously bulky and more frustrating than it is worth.  The second exterior pocket length is fabulous though.  I would not have it any other way!

I used Stiffy from Long Creek Mills instead of Peltex.  I like using Stiffy and really do need to order some more... I'll get around to that one of these days.....  Stiffy is great for art quilts too - which is what I have mainly used it for in the past.

Anyhoo....Back to my ridiculously awesome Sewing Saturday Bag...
It is 13x6 x7" tall. 
The tutorial itself was well written.  A friend of mine made it as well and she is a bit tutorial challenged sometimes and she breezed through it.  I think it is also because she is turning in to a great seamstress too - that helps a lot ;)
I changed one other thing.  I don't do the pillowcase turn method when I make bags.  I hate the ugly hand sewing seam that you have to create on the lining.  I also hate pulling something with a stiff stabilizer through a hole... so I turn under the top edge on the lining and the outer and top stitch around the top edge instead.  I think it makes a much nicer looking bag.  You were going to top stitch around there anyway!  Kill two birds with one sewing stone!



10/25/2010 7:05am

Great bag!Love all the pockets.


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